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  November 9, 2012, Hefei Financial Bureau nearly 50 the reserve cadres in million S & P training base in Fort Hefei Midlands held expand training. The one-day events, theme: innovation, harmony together. The content including to team warm-up, communication, bridge-building, the shepherds, the broken bridge, survival Wall. Players the bull by the horns, well done one a difficult task. Full play to their potential, and rose to the challenge with tenacity, beyond the self, to challenge the limits.

  The Proceeds of the event greatly expanding division of work and the allocation of resources to tackle tough, analysis summarizes a series of steps, not only exercise the body and the will of the players, training open positive frame of mind, breaking the inner barriers, strengthening fusion of emotion, but also enhance the team cohesion and solidarity, give full play to the Hefei Finance Bureau of pioneering and innovative spirit of harmony together.