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Sany Chairman Liang Wengen

I will not be abandoned business for politics

Not immigrants

The newspaper Beijing News last night, more than a dozen domestic and foreign media reporters, squeeze in 48 big news, a small interview room, staring the interview table behind Sany Chairman Liang Wengen.

This is a lively interview. The business community "root Uncle" ruddy, Chen mind straight.

Long time I wanted to join the party, the Communist Party of China is ideal to make progress, going out is more respected. I want to grow with the Communist Party of China. Unfortunately, the university, my grades were not good to work for 2 years after the resignation became self-employed. In a fairly long period of time, private enterprises can not join the party. So, I dragged on for 18 years before joining the party. A lot of media pass I accept the investigation by the organization, and said I want politics, which are based on hearsay evidence. Indeed, I often accept investigation by the organization, because when the 3rd deputies 2nd Party. But I can not abandoned business for politics. After graduation, I had to factories When Commissioner of year, even if not to say, how official it? I will retire after 10 years.

The last session of Congress, there are American reporter said "you will one day immigrated to the United States". I said, under the sun, maybe anything can happen, but there was this thing will not happen. I was born 1000, and hope in China; died 1000, will be in China.