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  With the high temperatures of the "hot autumn" continuing, took care of the front-line employees, our company office take the lead, with the engineering department, a line of five people on Aug. 14-17, were dispatched to the project site site, visit condolences fightingcomrades at the site, told everyone to pay attention to the body, pay attention to work safety under the high-temperature operation. Everywhere, the company leadership gave the first-tier construction workers sent gifts to send them to a cool, hard Road out to the company's concern and condolences sent to the employees' hearts, thank them for the safe production of the company building the hard work.

  Company leaders concerned about the front-line workers from multiple perspectives, and to implement the company's summer cooling measures, for front-line employees to bring coolness in the summer heat, fully reflects the company's people-oriented management philosophy, so that the majority of employees could feel that the care of the enterprise, and effectively contributed to the stability of the workforce and enhance the mutual understanding between the enterprise and the employees, mutual trust, and promote the soundness of the company's business, harmonious development.